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About Burbank Computers
Company History
Started in 2001, Burbank Computers was created to address the lack of customer service common in the technology industry – online companies that are in business one day and gone the next, large retailers that send you from one aisle to the other, and warehouses that have no experienced technicians to provide guidance.

Mission Statement
We pledge to complete all work quickly and professionally. Customer service and meeting your specific needs is our number one priority.

Small Business Specialists
Home Business Experts
We understand the challenges of today's fast-paced office environment and we offer fast, courteous service.  We are available to help with urgent matters onsite, and we avoid disrupting your day by offering remote after-hours repairs so that everything works perfectly when you walk in the next day.  We accommodate your demanding schedule, have over a decade of experience, and can provide many excellent references vouching for the quality of our work.
Tired of working with technicians who lack an understanding of the home business dynamic?  We offer full support to meet your needs - from powerful desktop computing, to far-reaching mobile apps, to cloud-based technologies - we make sure you and your business have a competitive edge.
Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams